Do you know the 5 habits of highly successful people?

Is it really that simple?

If you know, please, tell me! Honestly, I don’t think you can simplify someone’s success in a list of 5 habits. It’s pretty evident that everyone wants to be successful, one way or another, but how do you go on achieving this? I’d like to state some “findings” from my observations in my own life, successes and failures, and watching people who are close to me.

First of all, success is very subjective; everyone has their own concept of success. I like how Aristotle, the Greek philosopher stated that “happiness is the ultimate purpose of human existence.” Everything we do is in pursuit of that ultimate goal, which exists in itself, not for the purpose of something else. Therefore it’s obvious we’d need to know what that means for ourselves.

A warning before you go on: I’m only stating the obvious, there’s no WOW factor in this text. The obvious is often forgotten, though. Trust me!

So, here is my list of “habits” or, better saying, behaviors I believe will make a difference in anyone’s life:

1. Find out what success means to you

Would you use a navigation app if you don’t know where you want to go? Well, you need to know your destination, then you find the best path there.

2. Adjust your attitude when facing the difficulties of life

The world is not fair. Never expect that. The only thing you can control is how you face it, how you manage your expectations, how you go around any difficulties you have. Your attitude is what matters, not the world’s attitude.

3. Have a sense of community

We live in a social world, we can’t do much alone, and even our so-called success might mean nothing with nobody around. Even if it’s out of self-interest, aim for the greater good and think about making our community a better place. Think about how you can align your goals with the well-being of your peers. This will definitely provide for a better environment and conditions for everyone, including your family and yourself. I believe that’s included in what you want.

4. Have a balanced life

Should you wake up at 5 am, or 8 am? Should you eat carbs or not? Should you work hard or have fun? Well, life is not black or white; the world is not black or white, and our bodies are not binary machines. So what’s the answer to those questions then? I know, and I’ll tell you now (how pretentious):

  • Wake up after your body had enough time to rest and do its things when you’re sleeping.
  • Eat the food with the micro and macronutrients your body needs. Basically: the least processed, the fresher, and the more variety, the better. Yes, you can indulge yourself with some chocolate and alcohol; just don’t go over the top.
  • Don’t eat all the time. Give your digestive system a break. No, you won’t collapse or go in starvation mode because of 4h without food. Want some “scientific proof”? I do intermittent fasting quite often, and according to my family doctor, my health is pretty good.
  • Exercise your brain: read, study, have a break and watch some tv shows, play with your family, talk to your friends, challenge yourself.
  • Exercise your body: I’m not saying you should become a bodybuilder or a fitness Instagram influencer, but move your body, do some resistance training, so your muscles are constantly firing and are prepared for anything you throw at them. Make it a playful moment with someone else if that works better for you.
  • Work hard toward your goals, but have some healthy breaks. The world is not gonna end if you don’t work that extra 1h. Ok, sometimes you go overnight, but sometimes, not all the time.
  • Try to see things from different perspectives, not always negative, not overly positive, but open to what you can learn and attentive to where everyone comes from.
  • Be proactive.
  • Enjoy your friends and family.

5. Work on your focus

In my not-really-scientific observations and readings, I noticed one of the main problems we have these days is a lack of focus and attention. There’s so much going on around us, especially with today’s technology, it’s hard to concentrate on something. Believe me, nobody is really good a multi-tasking. You can multi-task, but the results might not be the best you can do.

We don’t pay attention; therefore, we make mistakes, people feel not-listened-to, couples and families are torn apart, businesses fail.

You can work on this by:

  • reading an exciting book (not on your mobile phone or computer)
  • studying something you like
  • meditating, which is scientifically proven to make your brain better
  • leaving your mobile phone alone sometimes
  • enjoying nature
  • making an effort to listen to what people say and not wander around your thoughts or just get ready to say something
  • Slowing down a little bit

People like lists, so there you go, a list of pretty obvious things we should all do just to have a better life in general. If you know where you want to be and have a balanced life, you’ll get there.

Do I do all those things? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I never said I was a role model for this. Still, when I did and do such things, I noticed a significant improvement in my life, and I can see myself closer to my “success” goals.

I also wrote this text as a reminder to myself. I’m an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurs sometimes forget about what a balanced life is. This is “scientifically proven” by my own experience.

What are your thoughts and experiences regarding those points I laid out here? Feel free to comment, challenge or connect with me, so we keep the conversation going.

Have a balanced and successful 2021, everyone!




I've been creating software products for a while. Co-founded a couple of companies, and currently I'm tackling the challenges of a large airline company.

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Marlon Guerios

Marlon Guerios

I've been creating software products for a while. Co-founded a couple of companies, and currently I'm tackling the challenges of a large airline company.

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