Becoming an Entrepreneur — The Basis (or Lack Thereof)

Ever since I was a kid I remember I have always been dreaming about something I wanted

Baby looking at the life ahead — Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva from Pexels

There are so many ideas, thoughts and opinions around "entrepreneurship" it's not that easy to write about it. And be certain I'm not here to write the same cliché motivation hot air we see all around, nor to tell you the definite truth about it. I'll just start by telling you my story. Is it interesting? You can tell me later. Am I a successful entrepreneur? I wouldn't say that, at least not yet considering I do worry about paying my definitely-not-expensive bills every month. And I think that's the case of many entrepreneurs-wannabe. So, come along and we'll try to figure all out (how pretentious). This will be a series of posts about the subject.

Ever since I was a kid I remember I have always been dreaming about something I wanted. When watching movies I am really immersed in that fictional reality for a couple of hours, the same happens when reading novels, like if I was in a dream, living some adventure. Thanks to my family, I've always been an avid reader, from comics, to books, to papers, cooking instructions, literally anything. I guess this triggered a curiosity that to this day is a big part of my personality.

I believe being able to dream about literally anything is one of the keys to give you confidence that you might actually make several of your dreams come true. After all, such dreams don't need to have limits, it's all in our mind. Seeing the world around, the accomplished people also gave me the impression that "why can't I do what I want if they can?". Another little help came from a teacher I had in high school, who became a good friend of mine after all these years. She always made sure I knew what I was capable of, never one word to put me down, only the opposite: "you can do it".

Now, when you grow up you realize things are not that simple. You have to pay your bills, you have to deal with relationship issues, you have those really bad days and no… don't come to me with your motivation speech. I'll explore that "second" phase, the reality, in the next article, but for now it's important, at least to me, to understand that there is some background to what I am and to what I want out of my life. If I've been nurturing this idea to become an entrepreneur, there's something in my past that paved the way and I only have to thank, initially, my parents and my teachers/professors who were kind enough to let me know I didn't need to put limits in my dreams and my imagination.


For sure that “help” I mentioned, having a good base to build upon is important, but it doesn’t mean someone who didn’t have this basis will not succeed. They can, but we can’t simply tell them “if you want, do it”, no… they are starting from a different, less privileged, point and it will require more effort from them and even some extra external help or some opportunity to be created specially for them. We can’t talk about meritocracy if people don’t start from the same starting point. For sure, there is a lot of people who are a lot more privileged than me, and I myself am for sure more privileged than many others.

A solid base can make all the difference — Photo by Nicholas Githiri from Pexels

We have also to remember a lot of people are still discriminated because of color, gender, sexuality and whatnot so we can't talk about meritocracy or just some nonsense motivational speech if we don't fix and don't pay for this historical debt our society has with such groups of people. It's obvious that all lives matter, but in a society that puts aside an important part of the lives, we have to specifically say "black lives matter", "women's lives matter", "trans lives matter" and so on and again, specifically, and who knows one day we can finally say "all lives matter" because that's the reality we'll be living. It's not our reality right now and we should not close our eyes to that.

What to make of all this?

So, I had some basis that allowed me to dream, to develop, to worry about my great future and not what to eat, not run from the police because of my color. That's me. What about you or someone close to you?

Stay tuned, I will continue developing this "entrepreneurship" talk in the next articles, but I wanted to start with the very initial basis we have for that and the question: what if someone don't have such basis?

I'll finish this text with a suggestion: look at yourself, look at your basis, where did you come from? Is there something you need to work on? Be honest with yourself. This will be important if you want to achieve your goals, make your dreams come true and be an entrepreneur, to get to know yourself first. It will require a lot of work, not only reading books or listening to motivational talks, but real work.

And here is a question we should all be asking ourselves: what can we, as society, do, to give everyone a real chance to, first be able to dream and believe, and second be able to actually do something and have opportunities in life? Everyone, especially the ones who are not privileged. We can all win if we work together and not just pretend we don't have big societal issues to fix.

Coming up soon: we got the basis and now we move through life. What is that like? What factors or experiences in our lives make us take the next step or steps towards the so-called "entrepreneurship"? There's a winding and bumpy road ahead with many possible different outcomes. Let's explore such possibilities together!

Disclaimer: I'm not the holder of the truth. This text represents my current opinion, questions I ask myself, impressions I brought from my own life and my own experiences. Our opinions might diverge and that's fine if we can always keep a civilized conversation with the goal of making our world better.




I've been creating software products for a while. Co-founded a couple of companies, and currently I'm tackling the challenges of a large airline company.

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Marlon Guerios

Marlon Guerios

I've been creating software products for a while. Co-founded a couple of companies, and currently I'm tackling the challenges of a large airline company.

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